Milan Knizak – Broken Tracks CD



2008 CD-Release by Czech Artist and early Fluxus ‘member’. Knizak was (to my knowledge) the first artist to experiment with the medium vinyl record itself, destroyed and burned them, cut them and put them back together, etc. This CD is a collection of his ‘Broken Music’ including ‘Bossa Nova Suite’ (1964-1991), recorded at the ORF Studios, Vienna, with 2 gramophones playing destroyed vinyl records, 2 tape recorders, 2 keyboards, a microphone and a piano. ‘Answering Machine’ (gramophones, tape machines, keyboards), ‘Ballhaus I’ and ‘Ballhaus II’ (live recordings from his Berlin performances in 1992 with 2 gramophones, 2 keyboards, tape machines), ‘Multisong’ recorded at the ORF Studios, Vienna, and ‘Yellow Martian’ from 1970 (originally written for the music group Aktual), recorded 1983 by a group of singers assembled by Radio Bremen.