Otto Dix – Ich folge lieber meinem Dämon CD



CD in A5 Digipak.

Original recordings by the famous german painter and printmaker (1891-1969), 60 minutes, german language. Includes the rare LP ‘Kunst Religion Krieg’ (available from here as well) and other recordings. “This Otto Dix is known to hardly anyone. He was indebted alone to his eye, which registered everything in minute detail, and to his demon that led him through the trenches of World War I, the excesses of the big city and the landscape of Lake Constance, where Dix spent his twilight years. Which is where these recordings also took place that Thomas Knoefel and Robert Eikmeyer have tracked down in radio archives – a small sensation: Dix in top form and excellent sound quality. One of the very great painters and witnesses of the 20th century.”