Philip Corner – Crazy Music CD + Book



Book “Of Modern Times and Ancient Sounds“ (chinese & english) and CD „Crazy Music“ plus colour postcards with drawings / scores.

“Three years ago, Yan Jun asked me if I was interested in publishing a recording of a performance that Philip Corner did with Kwok(Frog King) in 1990. That was the time I already had some ideas of publishing, wondering what to begin with, and the name of “Where is the Zeitgeist?” Editing Office also just came up to me. There won’t be a better choice than starting with the Philip Corner recording,as I have always been looking up the Fluxus artists, and the original idea of the publishing project was to focus on artists’ individual practices, especially of those interpolative spirits of their times. Philip Corner’s more than fifty years of practice is a great example, it will encourage the young, hesitating followers. Later I also luckily got his essay Of Mordern Times And Ancient Sounds (1961) to be published together, which is more pertinent to my intention in the first place. After more than fifty years, reading theories on the relations between eastern and western music written then by a musician from the west, encourages our thoughts and reflections on the current culture differences and integration between the two.


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