Rudolf / Controlled Death – Death Ceremonies LP



“Death Ceremonies is the darkest, most primitive death industrial record, soaked throughout with the smell of rotting corpses and burning bodies”.

Maso Yamazaki (best known for his extreme Japanoise project MASONNA) and Rudolf (Swiss noise-actionists of the legendary SCHIMPFLUCH circle) collaborated live and in the studio multiple times during the mid and late 90’s. Both based in Osaka, Japan, a spontaneous meeting brought up their mutual interest in degraded and primitive black metal and gave birth to the idea of the “Death Ceremonies” split LP.

Rudolf scratches a near-dead violin over horrifying eerie synth tones, celebrating obscure forest rituals, unearthing an archaic actionism and long forgotten witchery – decomposing his raw sounds on dusty magnetic tape.
Controlled Death features Maso Yamazaki’s most compulsive Korg MS-20 drones and obsessive, disturbing vocals, drenched with anxiety and alienation. Dense atmospheres of doom, death and decay build up just to break away in deep paranoia.


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