Rudolf & Will Guthrie – Hilt LP



Drums, Percussion, Microphones – Will Guthrie
Electro-Acoustics, Artwork, Layout, Microphone – Rudolf
Dolls, Photography – Alice Kemp

Edition of 300 copies

»Hilt« is the first collaboration of two artists who, based on their previous musical work, seem very different at first glance. However, it quickly becomes apparent, that the distinct approaches to composition and sound complement each other perfectly and make this album a very special and exciting affair. The closer you listen, the more you will be drawn into it and realize that the rhythmic drumming, the careful arrangements of hiss, crackle and eerie muttering paired with fragmented bits of percussive noises make »Hilt« a very coherent whole. A very organic and ritual-like album I would say, captivating and a little daunting at the same time.