Stefan Roigk – de—COMPOSED Book+2CD



Published by Errant Bodies Press

21 x 26 cm (softcover), 144 pages, 180 color illustrations, gatefold cover, two A5 postcards

Double CD in 4-panel gatefold digisleeve, 33 Tracks, 141 minutes, bandcamp download code

Sound as a mark to place ephemeral splinters in the surroundings — Sound as a gesture to draw with invisible lines and pervasions (forms) — Sound as a color to paint environments with transparent atmospheres — Sound as a volume to determine or fill space in time.

„de—COMPOSED“ — A new artist’s book by Berlin-based sound artist Stefan Roigk. The catalog documents acousmatic compositions, sound installations, musical graphics and text-sound compositions of the years 2005 to 2023 on 144 pages and 2 Audio-CDs.

A complex assemblage, composed of documentation photos, texts and drawings, becomes an interlocking whole in its dynamic flows and fields and animates the paper as a vibrantly structured visual composition. A piece of music for the eyes, in which the boundaries between documentation, draft and work become blurred in a surreal mesh of the concrete and fictional. Here, the reader generates their own individual temporal axis based on their speed of observation and focus on the optical elements, thus becoming a mixing board for a composition realized as a catalogue.
Three text pieces give a deeper insight into Roigk’s understanding of sound as material and the translation of sound events into other media.
As an equivalent to the visual approach of the catalog and in order to adequately convey the sonic dimension of the artistic work, (sound) fragments of all the works covered in the catalog were transferred into a dynamic collage-like arrangement with Roigk’s typical aesthetics and are included with the catalog as an independent listening experience in the form of two audio CDs.

The catalog is published in the format 21 x 26 cm with gatefold softcover and includes 180 color illustrations on a total of 144 pages. Besides the catalog itself, the publication contains 2 Audio CDs with 33 tracks and a total playing time of 141 minutes, 2 A5 postcards and a bandcamp download code to enjoy the release also digitally.