Stefan Roigk – Worte wie Schall und Klang CD + Prints



All tracks deal with the concept to translate subjective experiences with sound into poetry. the poetic lectures and multichannel installations contain descriptions of sounds, background noises and musical structures and the recipient creates his own mental soundscape by imagining these discribed sounds. this process deals with the difficulty of accurate sound descriptions and our subjective perceptions and experiences of sound.

The CD comes with 8 photocards in A5 format and was recorded in 2015-16. It contains a recording of the lecture performance “Vom Sagen Hören” (2012-15) and the complete compositions for the two installations “Schweigen Ist Gold” and “Worte wie Schall und Raum” (both 2015).

Published in the context of the international scholarship program “Braunschweig Projects” – Advancement program for sound artists by the State of Lower Saxony at the Braunschweig University of Art 2014-15.