The Great Learning Orchestra – Miniatures 2LP



“The Great Learning Orchestra is a network of over 100 musicians from different genres, cities and countries meeting to explore music at the center of listening. GLO has its base in Stockholm but collaborates with composers and musicians from around the world.

In 1980, the LP came “Miniatures (A Sequence Of Fifty One Tiny Masterpieces Edited By Morgan-Fisher)” with oneminute songs by artists such as The Residents, Robert Wyatt, Fred Frith and Maggie Nicols. Last year, The Great Learning Orchestra released the double-LP “Miniatures” – equally sharing a tribute as a theft of the original concept!
The Great Learning Orchestra “Miniatures” consists of 56 pieces of music as a presentation of a number of the musicians and artists who gather in the orchestra. The songs are as different as the members of the orchestra – the collections for the “Miniatures” are that they are one minute long.“

Im memoriam – Eva Erbenius

Edition of 300 numbered copies.