Timm Ulrichs – Konkrete Poesie Bierdeckel Multiple (signed)



Box with “Concrete Poetry beercoasters and postcard, signed by Timm Ulrichs.

Offset printing black on white card, 88 x 88 mm; 3 motifs, 3 copies each, 9 beer coasters with folded sheet (motif overview with explanatory text about “Concrete Poetry” as an art form and short artist profile) in plastic case, signed.

“Timm Ulrichs published two of these calligrams in 1969 in the folder “Weiter im Text – Visuelle Texte 1960-65”. This new edition makes his early works of concrete poetry readable today by means of communicative beer coasters. The edition box contains, in addition to nine coasters with three anagrams, a hand-signed folder with a brief introduction to the art form of Concrete Poetry as well as a short portrait of the author.”