Yomillak / Korean Classical Music 2CD



Edition RZ, Germany 2003

“Yŏmillak is the most extended piece of orchestral court music surviving in Korea and it has for many centuries been used for royal processions and at banquets. Yŏmillak is the piece notated in the oldest surviving Korean score – a score contained in the Annals of Sejong, written in 1454.

The piece originally consisted of ten movements, but three were discarded over time, leaving just the seven movements heard here, and different variants evolved, distinguished in terms of orchestration and size; two of the later (19th century) versions, Kyŏngnokmugang Chigok and T’aep Yŏngch’un Chigok are contained here. The final piece, Sŏilhwa Chigok, is an additional orchestral suite.”

This release was made possible by courtesy of The National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts ℗ 1979, 1988.

Very highly recommended!


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