Ben Patterson – Sneak Review Book



Edition of 500 copies. Contributions in English, German (one text in Italian). 136 pages, numerous colour illustrations, hand-bound with binder screws, cover with different coloured translucent papers.

Authors: Eric Andersen, Chloë Bass, Alan Bowman, Valerie Cassel Oliver, Philip Corner, Bill Dietz, Werner Esser, Andreas Leo Findeisen, Gerhard Graulich, Charles Gaines, György Galantai, Gerhard Graulich, Malcolm Green, Elke Gruhn, Caterina Gualco, Geoffrey Hendricks, Jon Hendricks, Jan Kage, Christian Kesten, Kiwa, Alexander Klar, Alison Knowles, Jarosław Kozłowski, Dorte Krogh, George E. Lewis, Mitch McEwen, Larry Miller, Ann Noël, Ben Patterson, Patrizio Peterlini, Maria Anna Potocka, Willem de Ridder, Henar Rivière Ríos, Astrit Schmidt-Burkhardt, Gunnar Schmidt, Sara Seagull, Christel Schüppenhauer, Slave Pianos, Tamás St.Turba, Petra Stegmann, Benedikt Stegmayer, Aslı Sungu, Katharina Uhl, Robert Watts, Christian Xatrec, Markus Zimmermann.

“Shake, Break Tear, Crumple, Rumple, Bumple, Rub, Scrub, Twist, Poof, Pop” – these are some of the instructions for the composition PAPER PIECE by Benjamin Patterson – still one of the most frequently performed Fluxus works; here, paper is the instrument that is being crumpled, torn, and pierced. This work and other Fluxus classics helped broaden the notion of art and music, and to overcome boundaries between the artistic genres. Patterson played an important part in the very first European Fluxus festivals in Wiesbaden, Düsseldorf, Wuppertal, and Paris and he is one of the few Fluxus artists that are still very active today. On 29 May 2014, the US-American artist and composer, now living in Wiesbaden, will turn eighty.

To celebrate Patterson and his work, a small series of events organised without institutional affiliation began in Berlin on 11 March. The series was comprised of a performance tour, a concert, an exhibition (running until 29 March in Schau Fenster), and “Dr. Ben’s Medicine Show”. The celebration is accompanied by the publication of a catalogue – a lively portrait of the artist including documentation, essays, new works by Fluxus colleages (Willem de Ridder, Alison Knowles, Jarosław Kozłowski, Geoffrey Hendricks, Larry Miller, Tamás St.Turba) and young artists (Chloë Bass, Bill Dietz, Charles Gaines, Christian Kesten, Mitch McEwen, Kiwa, Slave Pianos, Aslı Sungu), as well as haptic highlights.

The BENJAMIN PATTERSON – SNEAK REVIEW is inspired by an event that took place on 3 July 1962 in Paris (SNEAK PREVIEW. fluxus. happenings, environments, poèmes, danses, compositions), in which Ben Patterson and Robert Filliou meandered throughout the city for a whole day and sold small works of art from the Galerie Légitime, which was found in Filliou’s hat. This tour occupies a special place in the canon of European Fluxus activities in part because of its conspicuous lack of documentation. Hence, space for a “free-enactment” – a free interpretation of the Paris events as a review of singular aspects in Pattersons work. In addition to the artistic contributions, the catalogue is comprised of interviews and texts on the historical Sneak Preview and the potentials and challenges of reenactments.