Die Tödliche Doris – Kostüme Artist-Book+DVD



Edition of 120 copies, cloth-bound embossed hardcover book, 92 pages, 48 illustrations, packaged in a tote-bag designed & signed by Tabea Blumenschein, included is the drawing “Ich bin Tödliche Doris“ and a postcard designed & signed by Wolfgang Müller.

The DVD contains the Super-8-Film KULISSE by Nikolaus Utermöhlen & Wolfgang Müller (54 min) from 1984.

Wolfgang Müller: “Costumes and clothing were extremely important for Die Tödliche Doris. Because without clothing Doris would have been absolutely unperceivable. One could even say she has her clothes alone to thank for her existence. Doris doesn’t have a body, much less an identity. That is to say, she has less than absolutely nothing. Doris presence can solely be felt through her clothing.“

For the 120 ex of the tote bag Tabea Blumenschein first time break a promise she gave in 1984: “I don’t want to mass produce anything. I’m not money-grubbing enough for that. In principle I only work when I need money or when good friends require my assistance. Therefore you will never see a boutique collection from me.’“
– Tabea Blumenschein in: High Society, 1/1984 January, p. 45.


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