Die Tödliche Doris – Theater Artist-Book+DVD



Edition of 100 copies. Artist-Book, cloth-bound embossed hardcover, 88 pages, with a double-sided signed art-multiple by Wolfgang Müller.

88 pages with four acts (in german, english and japanese)

Act 1: Punk Band / Punk Band / パ ン ク バ ン ド
Act 2: The Art Music Band / The Artist Band / 実 験 音 バ バ ン ド
Act 3: Independent / イ ン ィ ペ ト ト ト
Act 4: Transformation / Transformation / 変 身

The End (with letters from Japan and an afterword by Masanori Akashi)

DVD “Das war Die Tödliche Doris“ (That was The Deadly Doris) 83:23 minutes.

“Masanori Akashi’s invitation to Japan in 1988 came too late. Post-punk Band The Deadly Doris had already dismantled in 1987. What to do?

If Doris were to play a concert, it would be like a comeback or a reunion as a band. Doris didn’t want to do that. So instead of playing a concert, the idea came about to stage a theater piece:

“That was The Deadly Doris 1980-1987”

This is the title of the theater piece.

In the theater piece the various phases of bodiless pop star Doris appear in the form of a mise-en-scène. The audience can see the transformation of an art concept from its very beginnings as an electronic and post-punk band, following its metamorphoses and its strategies, until its final consumption and dissolution through wine, which was drank by Masanori Akashi.

“Here I’m standing with a band that no longer exists. Cheers!” And Doris now flows as a Vina da tavola bianco through Akashi’s body and dissolving inside.

The bodies of the band members are absent, only visible as shells in the form of their clothing and costumes, through the repetition of gestures and facial expressions, of sounds and vocals.

In the theater piece the various phases are commented upon by Masanori Akashi, who is standing in between the actors on stage and explains to the audience what is happening.

The video is based on documentary material of two concerts from The Deadly Doris in 1988 in Club Quattro with Masanori Akashi.”


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