Erik Kessels, Anthony Burrill, Malcolm Goldie – Birds LP (signed)



“BIRDS is a collaborative project between Erik Kessels, Anthony Burrill and Malcolm Goldie. Bird song and aeroplane recordings are carefully arranged in an audio collage of pleasant and unpleasant sounds. The resulting record creates an unsettling listening experience featuring amongst others the House Sparrow, Airbus A320, Blue Tit, Boeing 777X, Wood Pigeon and a Cessna 172. 12″ single sided vinyl record, 20 minute duration, edition of 300, presented in luxury full colour sleeve.”

Signed by Erik Kessels.

Erik Kessels (b.1966) is a Dutch designer, conceptual artist, and curator with a particular interest in photography, as well as creative director of KesselsKramer, an advertising agency in Amsterdam.

Anthony Burrill (b.1969) is a British graphic artist, print maker, and designer who is known for his visual designs often focused on typography.