Timm Ulrichs – Pausenzeichen 10″ (signed)



Edition of 500 numbered & signed copies, in special fold-out cover with 12-page booklet.

Timm Ulrichs (b.1940) is a German conceptual artist most famous for his sculptures and performances. His works are funny without being silly and witty without being too pretentious. Ulrichs is active as a “Totalkünstler“ (total artist) since 1959. He declared himself the first living artwork in 1961, organised a public “self exhibition“ in 1966, and had his first retrospective exhibition in 1970.

“Based on an idea from 1969, Timm Ulrichs produced his “Pausenzeichen-Komposition” (interval signals composition) in 1989 as part of the project “Zeit-Radio-Zeit” of the Steirische Kulturinitiative Graz (Styrian Cultural Initiative Graz). This is a compilation of the characteristic melodies of the radio stations, which sound as pause fillers. Ulrichs has compiled 24 of these signations (a neologism from the ORF) of radio stations from 15 states in such a way that they form and interfere with a kind of acoustic scale and can correspond with each other. The acoustic break rooms here become the concert of an international radio orchestration. On the B-side: Ulrichs’ “Serial Ein-Rillen-Musik” (1963), premiered 1965, remastered 2018. Cover design by Johann Zambryski.”