Gilbert & George – World of Gilbert & George DVD



Great 69 minutes DVD by the famous british artist duo. Made in 1977, english language. “Gilbert and George, two artists originally known best for their deadpan gallery performances, wanted to make a work of art on film. The result is an encyclopedic catalogue of their artistic imagery, including hothouse flowers, English hymnals, and a rare look at the artists in their carefully staged home setting. The startling and daunting contrasts between propriety and impropriety – the key attributes of these artists who are always well attired in identical suits – feature an England of decay with graffiti-covered walls, aimless young boys, and drunken men slouched on a street corner. Juxtaposed with this view are symbols and songs of the England revered by the artists, like the British flag rippling in the wind, a heroic statue, or a sprig of spring buds hanging from a branch. But the stars of the film are Gilbert and George themselves.“