Grim – Amaterasu + Tsukuyomi 2×7” Box



Edition of 300 copies, double 7” and 14-page booklet in wooden box

Prepare to embark on a sonic odyssey as we unveil the official reissue of Grim’s groundbreaking Amaterasu 7″. A visionary one-man project, crafted by Jun Konagaya, Grim transcends the conventional boundaries of industrial music, power electronics, and noise. Emerging from the ashes of the legendary White Hospital, Konagaya’s artistic trajectory spans nearly three decades, with a unique ability to draw inspiration from a diverse array of influences, ranging from the abrasive sounds of Whitehouse and SPK to the haunting traditional folk music of Tibet.

The Amaterasu 7″ represents a pivotal moment in Grim’s discography, a concise yet profoundly impactful exploration into the avant-garde realms of noise. Comprising three meticulously crafted tracks, this release showcases Konagaya’s mastery in manipulating unconventional sounds to create a sonic landscape that is both challenging and deeply resonant. Each composition unravels like an intricately forged labyrinth of industrial tumult, pulling the listener into a visceral experience that defies the commonplace.

In this meticulous reissue by Urashima, every nuance of the original release is faithfully preserved. The 14-page booklet, an integral part of the initial release, is reproduced with utmost precision, allowing enthusiasts to delve into the visual and thematic richness that accompanies Grim’s sonic tapestries. The vinyl itself is housed in an exquisite wooden box, adorned with an intricately designed color-printed artwork by the artist, adding a tangible and aesthetic dimension to the overall presentation.

As if the faithful reissue weren’t enticing enough, this edition includes a tantalizing bonus – a second 7″ titled Tsukuyomi. Featuring three previously unreleased tracks, meticulously recorded during the same period as Amaterasu, this additional record serves as a portal to the creative process that defined Grim’s sonic landscape during that specific epoch. It’s a rare opportunity to witness the evolution of sound in real-time, a treasure trove for aficionados and collectors alike.

In essence, the Amaterasu 7″ reissue is more than a revival; it’s a carefully curated homage to Grim’s artistic ingenuity. This comprehensive release, with its faithful reproduction and the captivating addition of the Tsukuyomi bonus 7″, stands as a testament to the enduring influence and significance of Grim within the realm of Japanese noise. What truly sets this edition apart is the unprecedented half-hour journey into the experimental realm. The Tsukuyomi bonus 7″ unveils a sonic landscape previously unheard, pushing the boundaries of industrial music into uncharted territories. These three unreleased tracks, encapsulate Grim’s evolution, providing an intimate glimpse into the artist’s creative process. It’s not merely a bonus; it’s a treasure trove, adding an extra layer of depth to an already extraordinary reissue. A half-hour of industrial music innovation awaits, making this release an unparalleled experience for those seeking sonic exploration beyond the ordinary.

Moreover, this reissue is a strictly numbered edition, limited to just 300 copies. Each copy is a unique piece, a collector’s item that not only preserves the legacy of Grim but also becomes a rare artifact for those fortunate enough to secure a place among the limited few. The combination of artistic fidelity, bonus content, and exclusivity makes this release a landmark in the world of reissued music—an opportunity to own a piece of experimental history in a highly coveted and numbered edition. Additionally, the box set includes a digital download, ensuring that enthusiasts can enjoy the avant-garde journey of Grim’s Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi anytime, anywhere.


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