Iancu Dumitrescu / Ana-Maria Avram – Live in Israel II CD (signed)



Edition Modern, Romania 2013 (ED.MN.1030)

signed by both artists

Iancu Dumitrescu – Plutonian Frenzy (Free Music)
Iancu Dumitrescu – Hyperspectres (I)
Iancu Dumitrescu – Galaxy (III)
Ana-Maria Avram – Textures Liminales (II)
Ana-Maria Avram – Textures Liminales (I)

“Plutonian Frenzy” (free music) for ensemble and live computer sounds, live recorded in “Club LEVONTIN 7”
“Hyperspectres” (I) for 3 doublebasses, gongs, tam-tams and cymbals
“Galaxy” (III) for electric guitar and computer sounds (version for Stephen O’Malley)
“Textures Liminales” (II) for ensemble and computer sounds
“Textures Liminales” (I) for computer sounds