Jaap Blonk – Kochspuren / Traces of Cookery Book+CD Art-Multiple



Edition of 100 copies, signed and numbered, with original artwork by Jaap Blonk.

“Traces of Cookery started with seven pairings of cooking ingredients, mostly of somewhat unusual nature, that were mixed together. Of these I took photos with a microscope, and chose one photo of every pair. The first image of every series in the book is such an original photo, with no processing done afterwards. Then, the next six images are variations of the first one, created with a mixture of digital and manual procedures.

On the CD every ingredient has its own piece. The short text captions in English and German that are heard in them, were simply taken from the Internet. The same texts are to be found in the third image of every series (scrambled into a jumble of letters), in every sixth image they are legible. For the pieces on the CD, next to my voice, I used kitchen sounds as the only sound source. Why blood is in there? I am somewhat clumsy with knives.“ – Jaap Blonk

1 kochen / cooking (1:38)
2 paprikapulver / paprika powder (2:02)
3 kaffeelikör / coffee liqueur (3:07)
4 salz / salt (2:00)
5 honig / honey (3:22)
6 chilipulver / chili powder (1:33)
7 wasser / water (3:29)
8 zucker / sugar (3:23)
9 sambal (1:37)
10 kurkuma / turmeric (2:36)
11 blut / blood (2:45)
12 brühe / broth (3:04)
13 quark (3:35)
14 pfeffer / pepper 2:35
15 erdbeersaft / strawberry juice (1:44)