Jean Dubuffet – Expériences Musicales (II) 2CD Box



2CD-Box collecting 11 pieces from Jean Dubuffet’s ‘Exériences musicales’ (recorded in 1961) for the first time on CD. Including 32 page illustrated booklet with liner notes and texts by Jean Dubuffet and Ilhan Mimaroglu in english & french. Comes in big jewel-box inside slipcase.

Jean Dubuffet (1901-1985) was a French painter, sculptor, lithographer and writer. He was one of the main protagonists of ‘Art Brut’ (a term he invented in 1945).

“The Musical Experiments of Jean Dubuffet, recorded in 1961, form a set of 20 pieces. They were released the same year as a box containing six 10” Vinyl-Records in an edition of 60 copies. In 1991 nine of those 20 pieces were reissued on the CD “Expériences musicales de Jean Dubuffet ou la Musique chauve” (Circé/Mandala/Fondation Dubuffet). This new Double-CD set, subsequently titled “Expériences musicales de Jean Dubuffet (II)”, collects the remaining 11 pieces from the original box and thus makes the reissue of Dubuffet’s musical experiments complete and available to the public again. As for the previous CD, the original master tapes preserved by the Dubuffet Foundation were used, and we have not tried to artificially ‘enhance’ the sound quality of these recordings. Dubuffet’s music is contained as raw and uncompromising as he recorded it more than 50 years ago. We also decided to publish again the main text about Dubuffet’s musical experiments written by himself in 1961, but it is here completed by Ilhan Mimaroğlu’s account of his discovery of Dubuffet’s music. The Turkish composer, who lived in New York, was in contact with the artist since 1965 and helped a lot for the diffusion of Dubuffet’s music in the USA.” (from the booklet editorial)


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