Jesper Fabricius – Kynisk Æstetik Artist-Book



64 pages, black & white, 11,5 x 16 cm

Artist-Book by Danish visual artist Jesper Fabricius (b.1957).

Kynisk Æstetik (Cynical Aesthetics) consists of 61 b/w images, where square white fields cover central parts of the subject. The squares themselves form a concrete, abstract composition and the reading of the original image changes, thereby making more abstract qualities in the image visible. Specifically, the images are clips from e.g. the series of Kunsthæfte 1-22 (Space Poetry 1998 – 2012) or collages from Porno Kommunistisk Universitet (2012). The clippings may have been made in the image in question, but may also come from a clipping from the back, which then makes the position of the squares rather random.