Jürgen Eckloff – Angeflanschte Fugenstücke LP



“Bei Wanzen Geld zurück” originally recorded 2004 for an exhibition at Sibirische Zelle (Berlin) fills the A-side of this two sided 30,48cm rotating audio-archive. A seemingly empty room with greasy walls is somehow filled by situations and more – of course with happy ending!

Side B contains six shorter pieces including the unusual trilogy Mörtel I – IV. This is the very first trilogy that consists of four pieces instead of the usual three! A masterpiece using the most modern techniques of composition. (That’s also the reason why the additional `T´ is used in the record-title…)

All the sounds used for the pieces on Side B where recorded by the author himself mainly for his forthcoming film “Girls In Dirty Aprons”

at several places. Five scenic figurines of photographic beauty and understanding of sonic nature. `Miniatures Concrètes´ a French maybe would say…. The final piece entitled “Jazz” sets another direction, Eckloff never has shown before. Not Dixieland…the other Jazz! Yes!