Michael Barthel – Stapel. Efeu-Fährten CD



After years of self-published gallery micro-edition cassette and CDr releases this is the long overdue first proper collection of sound-poetry / musique concrete pieces by German installation & conceptual artist Michael Barthel recorded between 2009 and 2012.

Michael Barthel (born 1977 in Berlin, lives and works in Leipzig) has been working in the fields of musique concrete, noise compositions, concrete phonetic poetry and fine arts since the mid 1990’s, first with his project The Nautilus Deconstruction, and since the early 2000’s under his own name, moving away from his earlier personal harsh noise collage works towards more conceptual direct sound-poetry and outsider musique concrete compositions. Using mostly just his own voice and tape-machines, Barthel creates very poetic and mysterious environments. By means of their brutal simplicity, fragility and lo-fi aesthetics his pieces manage to captivate and shock on a very emotional level.


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