Michel Bartosik – Het Stomme Misbaar Van De Stem LP



Limited edition of 250 numbered copies archival publication of the only recordings by Belgian poet Michel Bartosik (1948-2008). Bartosik wrote a small but intense oeuvre of poetic works. He was born in Antwerp, Belgium from a Polish father and a Belgian mother. After being raised in French, it was the Dutch language that aroused his poetic mood. In the early 1970s, when Bartosik debuted on small, experimental publishing houses, he joined the illustrious fellowship of “pink poets”, a small group of Flemish underground poets and visual artists that actively opposed the then very popular trivial and realist mainstream-poetry.

Bartosik, inspired by poets like Van Ostaijen, Trakl and Celan, started looking for ways to evoke the unutterable by way of language. The result is strong, but serene and precise meta-poetry dealing with the nature of language and communication, and death and decay. Included are 24 poems taken from the archives of the Belgian Broadcasting Services [side A] and the personal archive of the poet [side B] and 1 sample from a “field recording” taped by the poet.“