Rudolf – Heimoror 2CD



“HEIMOROR” is the übertitle of Rudolf Heimo’s audio-working period 2021/22. Most of the source material, documents of obscure and psychomagick acts, were recorded at the attic of the old, but newly inhabited, Om Kult farmhouse near Osaka, Japan.

Combined with Rudolf’s organ and violin playing and often edited by the use of monaural cassette recorders and analogue filters, the recordings reflect these grim, animistic-shintōid events and deranged lo-fi rituals commited.
The “Heimoror” works were initiated with the “Death Ceremonies” recordings (split album with Controlled Death) and gave base to the albums titled “Necro Orgia”, “Goat Blood Communion” and “Malediktiom”.

The “Heimoror Hexes I-VI” are 6 chapters of selected and composed or decomposed, partial gross and archaic, partial developed, aural Om Kult rites, presented here for the first time.

Picture: Rudolf and sister. Picture taken in Switzerland or Austria. Photographer and date unknown.


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