The New Blockaders – Anti Manifesto Box



Edition of 100 numbered copies. Blank cassette tape with wrap-around label in an over-sized box which is partially burnt and damaged, as are two of the inserts – a copy of the original TNB manifesto from 1982, and a crumpled piece of sheet music. There are two further card inserts, one of which is a photographic print, the other bears the release credits and hand-written edition number. Each copy is similarly treated but unique.

“For more than 30 years, THE NEW BLOCKADERS have been the embodiment of“Nothingness” and are still continuing to proclaim their total nihilism, ever since their debut in 1982 with the publication of their nihilistic MANIFESTO that is a refusal of all ready made systems of values. With this new work, TNB have finally “repudiated” the manifesto that hasbeen enforced during more than 30 years. The manifesto torn to pieces and the enclosed cassette tape are an “elimination” performed by TNB to reach a state of complete silence. After the repudiation of the manifesto that was the basis of the actions of TNB, what cause will they champion from now on and in what direction will they go ? This new work is a greatly controversial work and the noise world’s leading nihilist outcome that you should be concerned about.“