Dominik Steiger als Kind DVD (signed)



Edition of 100 numbered copies, the first 40 copies are signed by Dominik Steiger.

A Film by Oswald Wiener, Vienna 1965.

Austrian artist Domink Steiger (1940-2014) as ‘a child’. Dressed up in a sailor suit, playing with himself and toys on a roof-top and out in the streets and at a playground with other children under the suspicious eyes of mid 1960’s Vienna inhabitants. This work could be seen as some sort of an (unintended) Steiger-esque version of the “Wiener Spaziergang” action by Günter Brus which coincidently happened the same year in the same city. But this film is not just a documentation of a happening but an experimental film by Oswald Wiener (b.1935), one of the founding members of the ‘Wiener Gruppe’. Filmed with a Super 8 camera and edited by hand, with fast cut’s and short bursts of over-exposure.


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