Max Müller – Mein Vermächtnis (My Legacy) Artist-Book + CD



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Hybriden Verlag, Germany 2023
Artist-Book with drawings and paintings on the Second World War
Foreword by Wolfgang Müller (German & English)
Original drawing by Max Müller, signed and numbered
Book bound with an embossed print of a drawing by Max Müller.
52 pages with 40 illustrations
Audio CD (My Legacy, 30:16 min)
Edition of 100 copies

“The photos from our family album and those from the coffee table books of the war speak and remain silent at the same time. They answer and remain silent. They fascinate and frighten in equal measure. In Max’s drawings they turn into surfaces, patterns and lines. There is no escape from their labyrinths, no solution. Speechlessness arises when the founder of a bizarre German people’s party addresses us as “my dear Teutons and dear Teutonesses,” when he calmly explains his anti-Semitic, racist-folkish theories in a clear voice. In the musical finale, pure madness unites in a cathartic crescendo. However, without the expected or hoped-for redemption.” – Wolfgang Müller


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